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3 Ways to Boost Your Site With Our SEO Toolkit

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the effort to make your site more understandable to both humans AND Google’s web crawling robots. When working to improve the performance of an Advisor Launchpad website, it is important to use the SEO Toolkit to improve your sites rank in Google and other search engine results.

Advisor Launchpad’s websites include an important field of which we hope all of our clients are taking advantage. In the admin, below all of your custom pages, you will find a field called SEO Toolkit. Simply put, this is the text that will display in a Search Engine Return Page (SERP) or the page that shows up after you do a Google search.


The SEO Toolkit allows you to fill in 2 crucial meta tags: Your site title and your site description. These two descriptive tags are then used throughout the Internet to introduce your page to robots and humans. You can use the SEO Toolkit for your home page and for any other custom pages that you create.

Here are three things to remember when filling out these crucial fields in your SEO Toolkit.

1. Use Long-Tail Keywords

A keyword is a word or term for which you think that your ideal client will search. By including keywords, you are telling both Google and users searching that term that you have pertinent information on your page regarding that subject. However, certain terms like “financial advisor” or “wealth management” will put you in competition with every other person trying to own that keyword.

Along-tail keyword is a more complicated keyword that narrows the niche you are trying to attract. The easiest place on the web to do keyword research is Google’s own keyword planner. Do a keyword search on your more popular keywords, then find additional words that would pertain to your ideal client.

2. Include Your Location

In 2014 Google released a new animal named algorithm, Pigeon, to increase the importance of location in SERP positions. With more and more people using mobile devices to search for businesses, including your area in your title and description is one of the best ways to rank better for people who might need your services in your area.

Remember to be specific about where you are. If you are in a suburb outside of Chicago and just use ‘Best Advisor in Chicago’ in your title, you have put your site in competition with a lot of other advisors. Think of your current clients and how they would describe their location. When in doubt, it is always okay to ask your clients what they searched for to find you.

3. Write for Robots AND Humans

In the early days of SEO, specialists would cram pages full of disjointed words and phrases trying to trick the Google robots into listing the page higher in search rankings. Through the release of several increasingly advanced algorithms, Google has been able to detect not just what keywords you use, but how relevant your search results are to the people who find them. You need to write a title and description that uses your keywords and location, but also attracts actual people.

One way to do this is to use the most popular kinds of titles. In a recent study, Conversion XL found that the top three types of headlines were:

#1. Headlines With Numbers
10 Reasons Why Our Advisory is the Best in Chicago
#2. Direct Address Headlines
You can start planning for your retirement today!
#3. Headlines That Start with How To
How to create a trust for your kids

If you need help thinking of good headlines to put in your SEO Toolkit fields, try using this headline generator.

The SEO Toolkit is the Key to Boosting Your Website

If you make sure to utilize the SEO Toolkit on your home page and any other pages you create for your Advisor Launchpad website, you will increase your chances of being found by new clients and will grow your business exponentially!

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