4 SEO Improvements You Can Do Today

SEO Tips You Can Make Today

In the digital domain, quick fixes are hard to find. With something like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), however, a few nips and tucks can help elevate your website in the public eye.

If you’re looking for a quick boost to jumpstart your online presence, here are 4 SEO Improvements You Can Do Today:

1.    Get Keyed In With Keywords

Without well-placed keywords, even the best content will hear crickets. In a nutshell, “keywords” are the phrases and buzzwords that tell Google, “rank me higher!” Though identifying the right keywords requires a bit of gamesmanship, a savvy advisor will take a blog about “Paying for College” then pepper it with keywords like “college planning” and “529 savings plans” to boost the content’s ranking.

Use your best judgment in determining the number of keywords to employ, and avoid going overboard. So long as your keywords highlight the core message of your content, you’ll be in good shape. In fact, as you consider expanding your blogging output, kill two birds with one stone and start planning your content around the keywords you know you’ll use.

2.    Go Meta

Meta tags are the advertisement for your content. They’re the one-or-two sentence-long descriptions that readers encounter while scrolling through search results on Google.

However innocuous they may seem, these titles and descriptions are key to enhancing your SEO rankings. They essentially tell Google how to assess and rank every page of your website. If you’re missing meta descriptions in a few places, simply find the field for each page in the back end of your website. Then, in 150 words or less, sum up the focus of the content and let Google do the rest.

3.    Drop the Anchor (Text)

If you’ve ever clicked a link on a webpage, then you’re familiar with “anchor text.” Though it sounds nautical, anchor text is actually the clickable, highlighted part of a sentence. When blended into the body of a paragraph, anchor text helps Google understand that particular page’s focus and the keywords it should evaluate in its ranking.

Though it sounds obvious, anchor text is a primary way to help navigate readers through your site. Best of all, it’s very easy to setup. For example, if you’re writing a post about estate planning and mention leading tax strategies in a sentence, highlight “leading tax strategies” and link it to a blog you might’ve written about the IRS.

In addition to helping clients more easily find what they’re after, anchor text keeps readers engaged and clicking across your site. Not only is this advantageous for current clients, but a moderate (though  not excessive) usage of anchor text will help boost your SEO rankings

4.    Repurpose Your Content

While fresh content is hard to beat, your favorite blogs from previous months will always retain their value. Marketing gurus call these pieces “evergreen,” or content that can continue to draw readers for months on end.

Here’s how you can repurpose content to boost your SEO: take a blog you published about retirement planning last summer. In the six months since it landed on your site, you might’ve developed additional insights you think clients would find interesting. Rather than starting from scratch, simply update your old blog and revise it with your new, cutting edge perspective. While you might want to tweak whatever statistics you might have used in the article and maybe freshen up the photos, continue building on your already strong foundation. From there, you can convert your blog into a podcast, turn it into a video, or even use it as the basis for a future webinar.

Thanks to social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can then share your recycled content in a variety of ways.

Start Your SEO Engines

Ultimately, SEO is about staying power. In the fast-growing online marketplace, competition abounds and increases the need for savvy tactics that help you stay visible. These quick tips will help you get started, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. When you’re ready for a custom SEO strategy, we’ll be here to help drive traffic to your website and expand your clientele.

Reach out to Advisor Launchpad to get started on building a website, optimizing your existing content, or ensuring your digital marketing plan is effective.

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