Mass Emails - Are They Viable for a Financial Advisor?

Time is money, and mass emails help you save both.

Email blasts, when done correctly, attract prospects while affirming your current client base.

By following the 3 C’s of Mass Email Marketing, you can maximize your efficiency by offering valuable Content to Customized groups on a Consistent basis.

1) Content

How do I bring value to my audience?” 

Go beyond sales pitches and dig deep.
Your audience is looking to be empowered. Oblige them. 2016 started with plenty of uncertainty, so no matter who you’re talking to, we’re all playing in the same economic sandbox. Capitalize on that commonality.

Self-focused writing is the ultimate trap of mass emails. Make it about the readers. Picture your audience sitting across from you. Look them in the eye. What do you see and what do they need?

That’s your starting place.

Mass emails can be a literal wake-up call. Sent during the 9-5 workday, they have the potential to brighten your audience’s day. A laugh or a new idea can turn a lead into a loyal customer.

2) Customization

Be specific. Know your niche.

Emailing clusters of potential clients is like a dinner party, whereas mass emails are like hosting an event. You get your name in front of a crowd, and if it’s a fun night, they’ll think of you in high regard.

But it has to be a good party. You have to remember details about your guests, like what she got last Christmas or his hole-in-one back in ‘97. They need to leave feeling better than when they arrived.

Mass emails aren’t an excuse for lack of precision. We’re not carpet bombing; we’re launching a GPS-guided missile. Be specific. Customize your content by region, net-worth, age group and more. Know your niche.

If you have a list of email addresses for prospects, go for it! Just make sure you’ve customized each group and their corresponding content.

3) Consistency

Restraint is a key element of any digital marketing strategy. Know when to strike and when to stay silent. Mass emails have the potential to fatigue your audience just as quickly as they can grow it. The Unsubscribe button looms large on any email.

That being said, an effective email outreach program creates audience demand. Each new message will leave them anticipating the next. Stay in motion by giving them what they want without overstaying your welcome.

Mass emails are also a great way to keep up with your current customers. Newsletters in particular can provide relevant content to keep your clients informed, confident and impressed that you are always thinking on their behalf.

While you focus on your email strategy, let Advisor Launchpad take care of your website.


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