How to Write an Effective Biography for Your Financial Advisor Website

So…tell me about yourself.”

These five words are terrifying. They’re the foundation of job interviews, first dates, and – you guessed it - biographies. As a financial advisor, your bio has to walk the line of being both personal and professional. Mastering that can pay long-lasting dividends.

Be honest: how does your current biography look? If you don’t enjoy reading it, you can basically guarantee no one else will. Don’t fret.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself for writing an effective biography for your website.

4 Questions to Help Write a Compelling Biography

Who are you?

You’re more than the town in which you were born. You are the summation of your experiences and worldview.

Think about your clients and potential clients. When they’re reading your biography, they don’t want to be reading about your company. They want to read about you. Indulge them.

What do you enjoy doing with people, and how do you best relate to them?

Disclaimer: Before you answer, determine which kind of “you” you are. Writing your biography in the first or third person has wildly different outcomes.

Using “I” makes things more personal, while the “she/he” puts some distance between you and your accomplishments. Rule of thumb: If you’re seeking a more conversational, casual tone, use the first person. If you want that white-collar, CEO kind of feel, then stick with the “she’s” and “he’s.”

  • Example 1: “When I’m not at work, I’m bidding on Star Wars: The Force Awakens midnight tickets because I miss the Millennium Falcon.”
  • Example 2: “When not at the office, Theresa enjoys going to the movies, and may or may bring her lightsaber to the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Different pronouns, different results.

So, who are you? Only you can say, but do your prospective clients a favor and own up to what makes you original. They’ll appreciate the candor.

What do you do well?

People see you the way you see yourself.

Not knowing your strengths is like walking into a job interview and telling the recruiter you have no skills.

As a financial advisor, it’s your job to tell people why they need you. A lot of times, prospective clients are at a loss for words. Just like someone with the flu, they know they need a doctor, but they don’t have the cure.

You need to tell them what areas of their financial life need work and the ways in which you can help. So in your biography, make sure you enumerate the areas in which you excel.

You’re the doctor. Provide the prescription.

Why do you do it?

You don’t have to sound like Gandhi to answer this question, but if you can find a genuine answer, you’ll stock yourself up a few points.

Whether you’ve felt compelled to help people make sense of the financial world or were always intrigued by the stock market, let your readers know how you got here.

People like stories. Tell them yours.

It’ll make you more approachable.

When did you start?

This is where your education and formative life experiences come into play. Did you get an MBA? Did your grandfather teach you how to invest? Look into the past and construct an (ideally true) narrative about how you got into the business.

You can also discuss the start-ups you worked for, the companies on which you cut your teeth, and the moment you decided to start your own firm. Your story is original, so make sure you biography honors that.

You know yourself best. Just do as Shakespeare said, “to thine own self be true.”

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