How To Choose The Right Website Theme For Your Financial Firm

If your website were a football team, the homepage would be your quarterback. As the hallmark of your digital domain, your homepage serves as the first point of client contact and the gateway to the rest of your website.

When it comes to selecting the ideal template for your financial advisory firm, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. At Advisor Launchpad, we designed over 40 dynamic themes built specifically for financial advisors, to connect you with the perfect website. Though it may seem hard to choose, there are two key questions to remember in the selection process:

1. What Do You Want Your Website To Achieve?

Think of it as an elevator pitch. As a financial advisor, what are the major points you need your homepage to communicate to prospective clients? This refers specifically to the content and messaging on your website. For example, themes like Equinox kick off the conversation with a paragraph of reader-driven content, while sites like Carlsbad lead with a simple slogan, tagline, and photo to capture your essence.

Whether you want to highlight your strategic wealth management process, introduce your financial advisory team, or focus on values like trust and integrity, choose the template that allows you to stake your claim right at the start.

As for the second question, ask:

2. How Do You Want Your Website To Feel?

Great websites provide an experience for visitors. As a financial advisor, you’re well aware of the working relationship you share with clients. When choosing your website theme, look for one that best aligns with that experience. It’s more of an emotional choice than a scientific one, but trust your instincts on what looks and feels like the right website to represent your financial advisor practice.

Here is a brief walk-through of our most popular templates and each of our Express, Concierge, and Exclusive services:


Efficiency is at the heart of our Express websites. With an added emphasis on messaging, each of the 12 templates is designed to feature your financial firm in an eye-catching way. Templates like Solstice include a rotating welcome image on your homepage, three boxes to center your firm’s values and services, plus additional room for long-form content.

If you’re looking to showcase your financial advisors or products, templates like Zenith are built for you. Along with the wide welcome image and content, the homepage provides an overview of your services while keeping your advisory team front and center.

While maintaining an air of simplicity, our Horizon template leans in a more modern direction with circular imagery, clickable icons, and more. It’s the perfect layout to introduce your company, establish a connection with readers, and even inspire them to fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Each of these templates is mobile-responsive and can be easily edited and updated at your convenience. To view a complete list of our Express websites, click here.


If you’re looking for the next level of customization, our Concierge advisor websites are optimized for your firm. By working with the website specialist included in your package, you will have the unique opportunity to design your homepage exactly as you imagined.

Drawing from five individual templates, our designers can tailor your website to fit your practice. For example, if you like the icons on the Bankers Hill theme but want to use the Balboa layout as your foundation, you can mix-and-match your favorite elements and produce a website that fits you as financial advisor perfectly.

For advisors seeking to capture the perfect blend of content and imagery, the Carlsbad layout strikes the balance. The sprawling homepage photo and tagline set the tone early, capturing the essence of your firm without flooding your readers with content.


With our Exclusive themes, you get more than just a financial advisor website. Each of our state of the art templates is engineered to provide customers with a digital experience, not just a destination. While blending images, videos, and text, our Exclusive themes are designed to provoke an emotional reaction in your viewers.

Take our Santa Barbara layout, for example. With big, bold text and a captivating background, this theme spotlights your key values and your mission right out of the gate. As with Laguna, these types of websites are the wave of the future. However cerebral and technical the financial world may be, it is founded on a trusting and emotional connection between advisor and client. Our Exclusive websites were built to capture that relationship in digital form.

If you’re looking to truly reinvent your firm’s digital presence, check out our library of websites to find the best fit.

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