Five Things to Do Before Launching Your Website [Whitepaper]

Whether you are tuning up an existing website or starting for the first time from scratch, the pros at Advisor Launchpad want to make it as easy as possible for you. In our newest whitepaper, Five Things to Do Before Launching Your Website, we cover everything you need to do before launch, including choosing and purchasing your domain and finding a good logo designer, as well as learning about website add-ons, website content, and branding.


Domains are where your website lives. They are the words after the www, and depending on how high demand is for your domain, the cost will vary. When building your website, you will need to provide your Concierge or Exclusive website specialist your domain credentials.


A professionally-designed logo is key to kick starting your brand. Whether you design your logo yourself or hire a professional, you have to have a good logo before you launch or even start to build your site.

Website Add-Ons

Website add-ons are what take your website from ordinary to extraordinary. They can come from third parties like Riskalyze, your website provider like our “Sign Up for Our Newsletter” widget, or you can code them in yourself. They serve as a great lead-generation opportunity.


Content is likely the most important part of your website because it is the information that clients and prospects will learn about your firm.


Establishing your brand is a cumulation of all of the above. Our comprehensive guide will help you launch your brand so you can put forth a website you are proud of.

Download the whitepaper here.


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