Building New Pages On Your Advisor Launchpad Website

Your website is your canvas. At Advisor Launchpad, we make it our mission to provide easy-to-use tools that help you build (and maintain) the website your business deserves.

The best websites are fluid, not fixed. As your business evolves, you need intuitive solutions to reflect those changes on your digital storefront. With your Advisor Launchpad website, you can easily build, edit, and publish new pages at your convenience.

To help you get started, here is our personalized guide on how to Build New Pages On Your Advisor Launchpad Website:

1. Go to “Pages”

After logging into your website dashboard, click “Pages” on the side panel. You can also click on “View Pages” on the Mission Control section.

2. Add New Page

Click “Add Page” to get started.

3. Add Headline

Now we’re rolling! After opening your new page, you will be asked to enter a Page Headline. This text will appear at the top of your new page, in search engine results, and in the browser as the title of your page. The Navigation Path that will be generated automatically according to the title used in the Page Headline, but you will still be able to customize that text if you prefer something different.

Name the page however you like, then click the blue “Add Section” button below to start adding content.

4. Sectional Editing

Welcome to your webpage toolbox. The Sections tab provides access to a range of text formats, including Paragraphs, Headlines, Rich Text Editor and more.

While the Rich Text Editor is among the most flexible sections (and ideal for embedding a form or a video), we recommend using the “Headline, Paragraph(s), Button” section if you would like to incorporate all three of those three text elements. We encourage you to explore your options and find the best fit for your individual pages.

After you select your layout, you will be able to begin adding content.

As you can see below, the Sections tab supplies placeholder text to help you get started. You can easily replace the headline and paragraph verbiage with your own content.

Want more editing options? We have you covered. Simply click on the “gear” icon in the upper right-hand corner to access advanced settings to customize background color, background image, and much more.

You can also take advantage of other tools in the Sections page, from adding custom Images, Forms, and Boxes to Rotators and Widgets. Here is a closer look at the Image panel in Sections: 

For this example, we selected the “Left Image & Text” option.

Looks good so far, but what if you don’t want to feature every part of the layout? No problem. Simply click on the “Show/Hide Stuff” icon in the bottom right-hand corner to select which elements you’d like to remain visible (and which you prefer to remain hidden).

5. (Almost) Ready for Launch

When you have finished editing the page, you have two options in the upper right-hand corner: Save Draft or Publish.

If you’re ready to send the page to your compliance team, the Publish button will initiate the process.

6. One More Thing!

While your page has been created, you’ll need to link it to your website navigation so visitors can engage it. Simply select Navigation in the left-hand column:

Select Add Nav Item to begin.

Enter the name of the new page (in this instance, “How We Work”). Then, select the Navigation Type you prefer. Parent turns the page into its own tab or main menu item, while Child makes it a dropdown under a tab (ie, only visible when the Parent menu item is clicked or hovered on).

In other words, a Parent page would be like a “Home” or “About” section, while a Child page like “How We Work” would be found under a “Home” or “About” section. In this case, we selected “About” as the ideal destination for our new page to be found.

For final touches, ensure the Link To section directs to the new page, and you’ll be good to go. “How We Work” is now listed in your navigation:

You can drag and drop any menu items however you like. Just be sure to click Publish on the navigation page to save your changes.


That’s a wrap on how to build new pages! We hope this provided some clarity, but if you would prefer a video tutorial, click here to watch an end-to-end walkthrough of your new Advisor Launchpad tools.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Support Team at (801) 216-3715, or shoot us an email at We’re here to help!

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