SSL Encryption: FMG Suite’s Commitment to Data Security

Maintaining a beautiful, functional website involves staying on top of security trends. One of the best ways to do this is by implementing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection. 

You may have noticed that some URLs start with “http://” and others start with ‘https://.” That extra “s” means the site into which you’re entering sensitive information—like credit card numbers or signing up for a newsletter—is encrypted using SSL. 

What Is Secure Socket Layer Encryption?

SSL encryption causes your browser and the web server to establish a secure connection through an “SSL Handshake.” This happens automatically and isn’t something you would notice. But behind the scenes, there’s quite a bit going on. 

When you visit a site with SSL, the host server sends a copy of its SSL Certificate to your browser. If the certificate is verified as secure, an encrypted connection is established. This level of security makes it impossible for a third party to intercept information. 

A More Secure Web

In addition to protecting sensitive data, SSL also impacts Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google has stated that if all other factors are equal, a site with “https://” can break a tie in search engine results.

With the release of Chrome version 68 in July, web pages without SSL will be marked as “not secure,” as seen here:

Chrome 69, planned for September, takes this further by treating sites with SSL as the default, meaning the “secure” tag that appears in your “https://” line will disappear.

Finally, in October, Chrome 70 will trigger a red “Not secure” label when entering text on sites without a Certificate of Authority (CA).

Many experts believe users presented with this warning will be less likely to interact with these sites or trust their content.

Our Solution

We are working on a large-scale solution to bring SSL to every customer with the click of a button. We are excited to report that it will be available by the end of September. 

We understand that online security is an urgent matter. For our subscribers who want SSL for their site right away, we offer an immediate solution. However, this requires coordination with our service team, a manual implementation of SSL protocols, and a one-time service fee of $35. If you need SSL today, give them a call at (858) 251-2420.

At FMG Suite, we remain committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and security of our business partners, investment professionals, and their clients. As always, please feel free to call (858) 251-2420 with any questions or concerns. 

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