Mobile Friendly SEO

There’s a cold truth about the internet: if it’s not online, it might as well not exist.

While you and your firm may offer truly advanced and comprehensive services, you need to have a digital storefront that continues to attract more clients. Without a mobile-friendly website boosted by Search Engine Optimization (SEO), shopping customers won’t know where to look.

According to the search engine itself, more searches now happen on mobile devices than desktop computers. What are the implications for financial advisors? If your website isn’t completely mobile-friendly and SEO equipped, fewer potential clients will visit your site.

Addressing these two essential fixes can have a significant impact on the growth of your business.

Here are the 5 Things You Need to Know about Mobile-Friendly SEO:

What is “Mobile Friendliness?”

This is an innocent sounding term for a very important feature. “Mobile-friendly” refers to a customer’s ease of use when accessing your site on a handheld device, like an Android device, iPhone or iPad. A mobile-friendly website is one that displays correctly on smaller screens, maintains responsiveness and loads quickly.

In short, it blends the user experience across devices, from desktop to mobile. As more people “multi-screen,” or move across devices to complete a task, mobile-friendly websites are increasingly valuable.

Why is having a mobile-friendly site important?

When sorting search results, Google picks its favorites. The search-engine openly favors mobile-friendly websites over those that are not. Beyond ease of use, having a mobile-friendly site allows Google to promote your company when potential clients search for financial advisors in your area.

More importantly, a mobile-friendly site makes Call-to-Action tabs even more prominent. A truly mobile-friendly site will help you convert leads into loyal customers.

How can I improve the mobile-friendliness of my website?

Unless you’re a financial advisor by day and web designer by night, you’re probably using a provider like Advisor Launchpad to design your website. Redeveloping your existing site to make it more mobile-friendly requires a complete reprogramming overhaul. It’s a messy and time-consuming process that often leaves many elements of the site incompatible on mobile devices.

The cost-effective and efficient solution is to start from the ground up. Build a state of the art website that’s custom-made for all platforms.

I only need to worry about mobile SEO, right?

No! SEO is all-encompassing and starts with a solid, central website. It’s crucial to ensure that your company’s online presence is strong across all platforms, digital and desktop.

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