Top 5 Questions Advisors Ask Us About Websites

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Building your website is like buying a reliable car. It keeps you connected, gets you from A to B, and even makes a statement about your personality. If you’re in the market for your first website or your fourth, take heart: getting your digital domain up to speed isn’t rocket science. It’s about finding the balance between design, branding, and messaging. Like buying a car, once you get it right, you can drive it for years.

At Advisor Launchpad, we build custom websites to help you distinguish your firm from the competition. To get the conversation started, we’re answering a few of the most popular questions advisors ask.

1.    “What is the most important part of my website?”

Though every section of your digital domain is important, nothing eclipses the importance of the home page. It’s the first thing clients see, and given the many distractions in the online world, you have to grab their attention straight away. Remember the “thesis statements” college professors required in your term papers? The same principle applies to the home page. Let clients know right out of the gate who you are, what you do, and how you can help.

We often find that a lack of content delays clients in the website development process. While we understand that assembling the right messaging and verbiage takes time, we encourage clients to truly understand the core message they want to communicate long before the aesthetics of their site take shape.

Once you identify your thesis statement, your slogan, or even the single word that summarizes your firm, continue to thread that theme throughout your website. Don’t let clients build a narrative about what they think you can do; tell them precisely about your expertise and why they need your help.

2.    “How many pages should my website have?”

When helping advisors build their websites, we start with the four major areas that usually comprise its foundation: the home page, the company page, the team biographies, and the services section. These pages should establish everything prospective clients need to know about you. They deliver your mission statement, your history, your areas of expertise, and the professionals with whom you work.

There are certainly other sections worth considering for your website, but these four provide the framework of your website. When building a website, it can be easy to conflate volume with effectiveness. Given how little time the average consumer spends on a website, you may be best served to provide fewer pages that are carefully crafted and packed with key information.

Less is more.

3.    “How often should I update my website?”

Cars need oil changes every 5,000 miles, and your website will benefit from nips and tucks that keep things fresh. Though much of your key messaging can stay the same, updating your blog and “recent events” sections are great ways to consistently remind clients of your presence.

Should the focus of your firm evolve, however, you can always shape your content to fit your new brand. For example, if you have predominantly specialized in retirement planning but are expanding to reach a younger audience, adding a sentence or slogan directed at millennials is easily achieved.

All of our websites are designed for you to make changes whenever you need them. Take confidence knowing that you can cut, edit, and add verbiage whenever you like.

4.    “Do I need a logo?”

Nike. Amazon. Apple. We know these companies for their logos as much as their products. However large or small your firm may be, a logo will help anchor your digital presence. It’s your seal of approval, and on your website, it’s the very thing clients will click on when returning to your home page from other sections of the site.

If you prefer to stick with your DBA in a sharp font, that’s not uncommon. As you anticipate building or rebuilding your website, however, think about making a logo. It will speak to your uniqueness, add a touch of legitimacy to your website, and create uniformity across your business cards, email signatures, newsletters and more.

5.    “How much can I expect to spend on building a website?”

Websites aren’t an expense; they’re an investment. Should they capture the attention of just one successful client, the costs of your website will be covered many times over.

At Advisor Launchpad, we provide three tiers of websites starting for as little as $300 with the Atlas package. Our standard designs come fully loaded with multiple pages, resource centers, and access to our top-tier content library.

Our Delta package includes hands-on sessions with our design specialist, a fully-integrated blog platform, plus email and social sharing across Twitter, Facebook and more. Each of the Delta themes features state of the art designs to match your company’s appeal.

Finally, our Titan package not only includes a design specialist and web developer, but customizable website designs, a blog platform, email and social sharing, a full content library, and even local search to boost your SEO rankings.

Whichever path you choose, our websites are engineered to attract prospective clients and turn them into loyal customers. Reach out to Advisor Launchpad to get started on building a website, optimizing your existing content, or ensuring your digital marketing plan is effective.

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