5 SEO Tips to Generate New Leads

SEO is built to help increase website traffic, generate new leads, and provide a dynamic boost in sales.

The question is: how do you maximize its potential? In this post, we’ll show you how to generate essential leads by building a bulletproof digital marketing strategy. With SEO as your long-term foundation, we’ll also discuss solutions designed to immediately increase traffic and convert clicks into clients.

1. Be Mobile-Friendly

It’s 2016, and mobile-friendly websites are no longer an option. We’ve said it before, and it has only become truer over time: a website that isn’t mobile-friendly will lose traffic to the competition and get demoted to lower listings on Google.

Help yourself and Google will help you. First and foremost, a mobile-friendly site provides seamless accessibility across devices. It also ensures that call-to-action tabs stand out, helping increase the chances of turning potential leads into loyal customers. It’s a win-win.

2. Find Valuable Keywords

Keywords are the currency of SEO. When effectively implemented, the right keywords target the needs of prospective clients and draw them to your website. Selecting strong keywords involves careful research and an understanding of the advisory marketplace: knowing what clients want and how you can help them achieve their goals. It’s not rocket science so much as simply telling people that you have what they need.

Selecting effective keywords is a precise and thorough process to be applied throughout your website. The results are well worth the initial investment of both time and effort.

3.Blog For SEO

SEO has a big appetite that consistently craves content. Quality and original writing should be the priority, as SEO yields the best results for companies with a library of fresh material. Just make sure to feed the SEO beast with relevant, non-duplicated content, as frequent repetition can hinder search results.

For financial advisors, your blog can become one of your greatest assets and the most efficient way to keep your content pipeline flowing. Adding a wide range of topics to your website strengthens your keyword diversity while improving your overall search ranking. As a bonus, consistent blogs help you educate and engage your clientele on a regular basis.

4. Invest in PPC

While SEO generates large amounts of traffic on a long-term basis, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising provides an instant boost. Though PPC requires a sizable budget (hence the Pay in PPC), it enables you to analyze the strength of your keywords and essentially monetize their individual value. When prospective clients search for products, PPC advertisements ensure your company is featured among the very first results.

In short, SEO develops your enduring digital presence while PPC delivers immediate results.

5. SEO Takes Time, Be Patient

Like starting a new business, SEO implementation requires a similar amount of patience. Given the bounty of competition on the internet, it takes time for SEO to take full effect. While incorporating PPC will embolden your strategy, SEO plants the seeds for long-term growth.

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