4 Website Upgrades for Financial Advisors to Generate Leads and Increase Client Trust

The financial crisis of 2008 did more than just devastate the American housing market; it took a real toll on the relationship of trust that many people had with their financial advisor. Some reports have shown that only 20% of investors have real confidence in their financial services providers.

The last nine years have been an uphill battle for many financial advisors who have tried to regain that trust. One of the most crucial things advisors and wealth managers can do to help establish or re-establish good relationships with clients is to maintain and upgrade their online presence continually.

Whether you are a Financial Advisor, Wealth Manager, Registered Investment Advisor or Financial Planner, these four upgrades to your online presence will attract new potential customers and will inspire existing clients to take further action with you.

#1 Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Responsive

The mobile devices market is growing with each passing second. Your business needs a website which is mobile friendly if you want to keep ahead of the competition. More and more, prospective clients are using mobile devices to investigate service professionals before engaging them. If your site is not mobile responsive, both clients and prospects will get annoyed and leave to go to your competitors.

Research shows that almost 77% of American adults possess a mobile device and use those devices for over half of their total web browsing.

Even if you are developing great content, if you are not optimizing your website for mobile use, soon it will be a moot effort.

Responsive website design also helps with your search engine optimization (SEO). Responsive advisor websites perform much better according to Google’s statistics. Google has released a new search algorithm aimed at boosting sites optimized for mobile devices. If you want to see how mobile friendly Google thinks of your site is you can test it with this free tool provided to help publishers adapt to the new mobile environment:

#2 Increase The Quality of Your Content’s Insights

How many times have you finished reading an article only to realize that you have not learned anything new from your effort? Don’t let your clients and prospects have this experience. Insightful content will help you build authority and trust with your visitors, which is imperative for all financial advisors, and it will improve your exposure on the Internet.

Not only does high-quality content attract new visitors, but it also keeps users coming back to your website again and again, for longer periods of time which has been shown to generate a higher engagement ratio.

High-quality content is also more likely to be shared between social networks, which gives you an even higher level of exposure and attracts, even more, traffic to your website.

High-quality insights improve your search engine optimization. The job of search engines is to bring the content which gives the most value to its “searcher.” If the visitors to your site are learning something useful, there are myriad ways for Google to sense this and then direct more users to have the same experience.

#3 Connect Your Site to Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter not only allow financial advisors to find new opportunities but are excellent tools for increasing relationships of trust with clients and prospects.

One way to increase your engagement level on social platforms is to delineate the pathway to find said networks clearly on your website. This may sound obvious, but many financial advisor websites either hide their social networking buttons or don’t have them listed at all.

Research suggests that social links should be placed at the top and the bottom of your website as that is that is where they are most visible and reachable the easiest.

It is also important that the links you provide are set to open in separate windows or tabs so that the user keeps your website open longer.

Only link social networks you can commit to keeping current. You should remain active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in order to cover the basic social media bases. If you add a particular icon, be sure you post actual valuable content on that specific social media.

Include share buttons to your articles and content. This way you enable your visitors to share your content hence promoting your financial practice even more. Without share functionality, not only are you missing out on impressions, but also on potential leads.

#4 Integrate More Videos Into Your Content

If you are not using video on your website, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity. A new statistic states that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Video is also an incredible way to get found by new prospects. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, meaning that if you are not on it, you are forfeiting a massive amount of possible leads searching for your financial services.

Video is also one of the best ways to communicate complicated information succinctly and entertainingly. 59% of executives say they would prefer to receive new information in video format than written.

By investing in any of these four simple upgrades to your website, you will show both prospects and current clients alike that the relationship you share with them as their financial advisor is important enough to you to provide them with real valuable insights and experiences.

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