Lead Capture in Digital Marketing

3 Ways to Generate More Leads With Lead Capture Forms

Your website is your virtual storefront that features your firm’s information, mission statement, and team biographies. But how do you make your website more than just a brochure for your business?

The answer is: Lead capture forms.

A lead capture form is your best tool for getting a prospective client’s contact information. They allow you to trade your financial expertise in exchange for something most people are happy to offer: their email address.

With Advisor Launchpad’s state of the art tools, you can customize these lead capture forms into a prospect-attracting machine.

Here are Ways to Generate More Leads With Lead Capture Forms:

1. Unlock the Gated Content Kingdom

If you are part of the growing number of advisors developing original high-value content like whitepapers and ebooks, we commend you for your dedication. In order to reap the maximum rewards of your thought leadership efforts, it is important that you not give away all your content for free.

Gating content is the king of lead generation tactics. Newspapers and other online publications have used content gates as a way to charge money for the content they produce. Rather than assigning a dollar value to your content, we suggest another form of payment: contact information. While some content like blogs best left ungated, high-value content provides a prospect with sufficient level of motivation to volunteer their email address and other information.

In short, content gated behind a lead capture form facilitates a digital quid pro quo: you get the viewer’s name and email address (or phone number) while they get to download your whitepaper or ebook. It’s a win-win that ensures your original content has an interested audience and one that is willing to share their contact information to learn from your perspective.

2. Test to Perfect

Diversify your lead capture forms to determine which approach attracts the most clients.

Known as “A/B testing,” this proven tactic provides several benefits. For starters, it alleviates any pressure you might feel to “get it right” on your first landing page or lead capture form. Secondly, A/B testing is the key to identifying the forms that truly fuel client interaction.

In their recent study on the advantages of A/B testing, Unbounce noted an uptick in lead generation to the tune of 27%. Not bad!

When adding a form to a page in the Advisor Launchpad, feel free to tweak even the smallest details. Here are some variables you can change for each form,

  • Swap out “Have a Question” and try different headlines to capture audience attention
  • Choose which parts of the form display by toggling the switches for the headline, the paragraph, the email field, and the phone number field by clicking on the show/hide stuff button in the quick settings area
  • Spice up your Call-To-Action (CTA) by changing the text on your submit button

If you’re concerned about inundating your website with too many forms, don’t be. HubSpot’s 2018 “State of inbound” report found that companies with multiple landing pages generated 7x more leads than companies with websites that featured only a few landing pages.

3. Less is More

There is an unwritten rule about lead generation forms: the shorter they are, the better. While you might think that conscientious consumers favor long forms with an array of questions, the opposite holds true. The less information your form requires, the more likely you’ll get a conversion.

Studies show that prospective buyers are far more willing to complete limited form fields rather than a full-blown questionnaire. As Formstack discovered, reducing form fields to 10 sections or under increases completion rates by up to 120%. Limiting them to under 4 sections boosts form completion rates by nearly 160%. Even reducing your form’s questions from 4 to 3 sections can power completion rates by an additional 50%.

You get the point: concise forms generate more leads while long ones drive prospects away. With Advisor Launchpad, your website comes fully-loaded with industry-standard forms optimized to capture new leads.


Lead capture forms are the bridge that connects your website to new clients. At Advisor Launchpad, our websites give you all the tools you need to perfect your lead capture forms. By employing gated content tactics, experimenting with A/B split testing, and providing both short and long lead capture forms, we’re confident you will quickly improve your lead generation numbers.

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