3 Tips to Hone Your Brand

brandingWho are you and what do you do?

Identities are formed on self-opinion.

As a financial advisor, you have to know to what separates you from your peers and provide a compelling explanation in a single breath.

That’s the essence of branding.

Elevator pitches are founded on a confident understanding of your self-worth. In a world filled with so much digital noise, investors crave straightforward solutions to their financial needs.

Simple is the secret for business success.

Top 3 Ways to Hone Your Brand

To create genuine content based on your financial firm’s unique voice that is simple and effective for business growth, follow the tips below.

1. Know Thyself & Find Your Niche

When we first start helping clients develop their content, we ask what distinguishes them from the fray. It’s a tough question that is frequently met with resistance.

Some advisors have diffidently suggested that their firm possesses no original traits.

This trend must be reversed. They have plenty of original qualities that are unique to their company, but they need to dig deep to find them.

As a financial advisor, you ultimately attract the business you think you deserve. Aiming low will seldom attract high-net-worth candidates.

Whether you are an industry veteran in search of fresh copy or are a new firm looking to get started, accept the challenge of developing content that is as original as it is informative.

2. Simplify Your Brand

Here’s the real question: how do you want prospective clients to feel about your company the second they see your website?

Take out a pen and paper and write down those qualities. Client communication? Honesty and integrity? Estate planning? All of the above? Great.

In the digital era, words and images tell audiences how they should feel about you. Take control.

As you build your content and brand, identify the verbiage that amplifies your skills and captures your unique voice.

3. Sell Your Services

No matter what the stock market is doing, your business should always be in full bull mode.

Competing online requires a website that serves as the digital bastion for your business. When prospective clients identify with your company and brand, they’ll be reaching for the phone.

Your website is more than a simple post-Y2K requirement. View it as the business tool that it can be.

Hone Your Brand with Advisor Launchpad

Building your online presence is critical to generating business. Additionally, creating content that is genuine and unique to your company’s voice exponentially enhances that online presence, defining a brand for your financial firm.

At Advisor Launchpad, we offer comprehensive services to completely develop your online presence, from a beautiful website that impresses visitors at first glance to copywriting services that will keep readers coming back.

Get started with Advisor Launchpad today and watch your business grow!

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