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3 Things A Graphic Designer Can Do For Your Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a graphic designer is worth their asking price. We live in a visual age where people who once read newspapers cover-to-cover now get their current events fix from scrolling headlines and Tweets.

Even in Hollywood, blockbuster movies need dynamic posters to sell tickets. The same rules apply to financial advisors. In this increasingly digital age, visual communication has become a key component for gaining new business.

Simply put, graphic design lays the visual foundation of your online presence. As your bold and expressive introduction to prospects, graphic design encompasses everything from your company logo and your newsletter lead image to the snazzy photo accompanying your latest LinkedIn blog.

Just as you might have a personal assistant or a marketing expert in your firm, now is the time to consider adding a graphic designer to your roster.

Here are 3 Things A Graphic Designer Can Do For Your Marketing:

1.   Create Consistency and Client Confidence

As a financial advisor, you operate in an ever-evolving market where no two days are alike. A graphic designer can create a sense of consistency that reflects your company’s vision and reinforces your commitment to clients. When your firm’s communications have a reliable aesthetic, you create a subconscious rhythm that assures your clients: “no matter what the market’s doing, we have your back.”

On the flip side, consistency engineered by a graphic designer can also give your team a sense of unity. There’s a reason art galleries exist and “word galleries” do not. People get excited by pictures, and when your team is proud to share a new post or newsletter because of the stylish graphics attached, that’s a win-win for office enthusiasm.

Graphic design has the unique ability to excite employees and clients alike.

2.   Attract Prospects (and Cultivate Clients)

When Best Buy released their new logo earlier this year, they made headlines across social media and news outlets. Their fresh design put them front and center with loyal customers and former buyers alike.

Hiring a graphic designer can represent a fresh start for your firm. While the inside of your office may stay the same, upgrading the quality of your outbound marketing materials effectively tells your audience: “we’re back and better than ever.” Beyond retirement-age clients, if you are looking to attract young professionals to your firm, graphic design could be your silver bullet. GIFs and graphic design work are like a second language for millennials. Start adding strong visuals to your content marketing and get ready: younger clients will come calling.

In general, prospective clients of all ages are far more likely to consider your services based on your design alone. In fact, 75% of user judgment on your business’s credibility is directly based on the graphic design you employ.

When 3 of 4 people hire or fire depending on your materials’ appearance, it may be time to start Googling a graphic designer.

3. Align (and Enhance) Your Brand Identity

Verbally describing the advantages of your firm can be challenging, but a graphic designer can help capture the ineffable. The sleek Nike swoosh and half-eaten Macintosh apple are billion-dollar representations of an idea.

When you work with a graphic designer, you gain the expertise of a digital artist in command of a branding toolbox that can help you carve your niche in the marketplace. While developing your logo (the visual foundation of your online presence), a graphic designer can help you build a cadence of images year-round. From light-hearted social media posts to information-packed blogs, graphic designers can capture the essence of your message and sell it in a split second.

They can also bring important doses of humor into an otherwise serious business. While your clients respect you and your team as financial experts, a graphic designer can use their craft to help you build a more personable online persona.


Graphic design can do wonders for your business. Beyond enhancing brand identity and attracting new clients, it is widely demonstrated to increase user engagement across all platforms. When people are intrigued by your images, they will inevitably click on links to absorb your content, peruse your website, and ultimately contact your office.

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