3 Signs You Need A Copywriter

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Why do Presidents hire speech writers? So they can deliver a comprehensive vision that appeals to individuals across the political spectrum. By consulting an expert with a different point of view, they can broaden their perspective and reach the hearts and minds of the people.

Financial advisors often find themselves in a similar position. While nurturing your current relationships, you seek new opportunities to expand your network and grow your business. As you lay the groundwork for your new website, you may have considered consulting a copywriter. There are the standard advantages of working with an experienced writer: it saves you valuable time, provides the assurance of having grammatically-sound content, and removes the school-like stress of writing.

However important those elements may be, a copywriter’s value extends well beyond the surface level.

Here are 3 Reasons You Need a Copywriter:

1. You Want A Broader Perspective

Great copywriters provide far more than verbiage alone. They give advisors perspective on their services, their principles, and the qualities that separate them from the competition. The copywriter’s primary job is to step back from the proverbial painting so they can see the full picture of the advisor’s business. Not unlike a prospective client, they are essentially an outsider who comes to your website free of preconceptions. While guided by the advisor’s industry expertise and vision for their new site, the writer can bring an objectivity to the content that individuals in your own firm might not be able to match.

By asking advisors how they work with investors, what services they provide, and why people should seek their guidance, advisors are compelled to think critically about their business. This process not only inspires the creation of compelling copy, but it helps advisors be reminded about the strengths and uniqueness of their firms.

For professional copywriters and amateur authors alike, great content depends on first building a broad perspective and then taking a specific approach to writing. At Advisor Launchpad, we start with phone calls and questionnaires geared to better understand who you are, what your firm provides, and how we can help define your business in the marketplace.

By adhering to this approach, we often find that many advisors bring exciting and unique ideas to the conversation. While we endeavor to create impactful and original messaging on your behalf, we often times simply draw out your own vision and find the best ways to apply it to your website. Through this discovery process, we can guide your biggest advantages into truly original copy.

2. You Need a Content Game Plan

In the landscape of website content, there are slogans and summaries, home pages, mission statements, services sections and more. If you’re starting from scratch, envisioning the scope of your website can seem daunting. How do you fill out all those individual pages while keeping the copy fresh?

Before writing the content, we work with financial advisors to understand the major pieces of information they want to convey. Given modern readers are more distracted than ever, there is a limited window of time to deliver your message. This demands a content game plan to help guide readers through your website. From identifying the heart of your home page message to constructing the truest mission statement, you need a map to get customers to the center of the maze: your contact information and the opportunity to get in touch.

A copywriter can help you organize your library of content in the most potent way possible.

3. You Want Better Biographies

Most people dislike writing about themselves, especially when trying to convert their job experience into a reasonably interesting biography.

This is where copywriters provide their greatest value. Whether you’re a team of two or ten, your firm needs strong biographies that not only speak well of each member, but that contrast with one another to enhance the team dynamic. By focusing on the working process of each advisor and the values they employ on their job, biographies begin to take shape.

Because copywriters come to your business with an unassuming perspective, they can help select the bits of information that are most pertinent to your bio. By striking the balance between your professional accomplishments and your personal interests, they can strengthen your appeal in the eyes of prospective clients.

About Advisor Launchpad

We specialize in helping financial advisors craft unique copy that speaks to the value of their firm. Our team focuses on understanding you and your company, and we work closely with advisors to match our messaging with the brand you hope to build.

Wherever you are in your website journey, we can help you create content to capture your readers’ attention and grow your business.

Reach out to Advisor Launchpad to get started on building a website, optimizing your existing content, or ensuring your digital marketing plan is effective.

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